The owner of the lodge Works together with the local community who offers the following activities:
. guided trekking in a green landscape.
. horse riding
. visits to craftsman

The owner organizes 4 by 4 tours to the following destinations: Konso & Michita, Nechisar national park, markt Konso, Nechisarplains, traditioneel dorp, Machita, hippo pods.
Tours are also possible to Mago National park and the Tribal people in south-west Ethiopia.
Dorze Lodge is part of the Dorze community. For its guests Dorze lodge can arrange different activities to the best satisfaction of its Guests. The community around are taking direct part in welcoming and accompanying the visitors along with the Guids from the Lodge.
There are several activities which can be arranged depending on the preference of the visitors.
  • Excursions to Dorze villages. These excursions include cultural education focused around history, way of living, societal structure, agriculture, food preparation and preservation, beliefs, stories, rites, religion etc. The excursions include visits to the properties and opportunities to purchase souvenirs.
  • The main Ritual, one of the biggest ceremonies in the country is called MESKEL. It takes place in the dorze Market every year where by many people gather to celebrate it colorfully. It takes place every year on September 25.
  • Trekking with a local guide to different village within Dorze community. These trekking tours can take 1- 4 hours. The trekking takes longer distance to multiple villages to share different experience. Depending on the choice of our gusts camping can be arranged to pass overnight in the villages with communities. Trekking routes can be arranged individually or as a group depending on the choice of our gusts. For all trekking rout, there is visible and colored marking so that our guests can take an independent walk.
  • Exploring the area can also be executed by means of horse riding with local Dorze guides
  • Traditional shows and workshops can be organized, these include:
    . Traditional music and dance shows and workshops in the villages or at the Dorze Lodge
    . Visit to local Church masses
    . Visit to local entrepreneurs e.g. pottery bakery, bread bakery, farmers

Besides the activities in the immediate Dorze Lodge area, directly related to the Dorze villages, many other activities are possible in the Arba Minch area. These activities are offered through the Dorze Lodge reception service. The activities are the following:
  • Day trips with a four wheel drive to the Nechiser National park.
  • Day trips to other villages around Arba Minch and the Goma-Gofa region (e.g Konso, Chencha)
  • Boat trips to the crocodile farm and market

    Packaged deals

    The service product of Dorze lodge can be sold as package depending on the choice of our customers. The objective is to provide full service to our gusts so that they relay fully on us to their requirement rather than looking for different providers for different services. It allows them to stay comfortably in their excretion. The package service can also be arranged by making a group from Different gusts.
    It is recommended to keep the packages flexible. Design each activity as a building block with a fixed price, add on the price for the room and the meals to that and a tailor-made package is designed for a guest. By wishes of the guest the building blocks can be moved into each other creating a multiple day package, completely tailor-made. External non-Dorze activities can also be integrated into this.
*Spectacular landscape
*Blending in with local community
*Great hiking and trekking   possibilities
*Unique Dorze-style houses
*High quality weaving of cotton
*Nice temperate climate
*Free from malaria
*Reception opened 24/7