Panorama view

Dorze Lodge is situated on a height of 2400 m, on the edge of an escarpment, and offers spectacular views. The lodge is overlooking the Nechisar National Park and the Lakes Chamo and Lake Abaya. It’s a peaceful place with pleasant temperature and malaria free.

You can visit our lodge all year round. The daytime is usually a nice moderate temperature of around 25 degrees. In the evening the temperature will drop, so, take a sweater with you. In the morning, right after sunrise the temperature will rise very quickly.

Contact and reservations


Tsehai Bogale (Owner)

Dorze Lodge & Community Based Tourism


Ethiopia: +251916825205

Netherlands: +31653262900

Getu: +251928829774 (manager)


We are located north of Arba Minch.
From Arba Minch lower town's roundabout you drive 14 KM towards Addis Abeba.
Her you go left towards Dorze and Chencha.
After 11,5 KM you see our sign (this is 2 KM berofe Dorze Market), go her tot the right, after less than 1 KM you reach our lodge.

With public transport from Arba Minch towards Chencha. Get out when you reach our sign. Now you are less then 10 minutes walk from the lodge.

GPS Coordinate: Latitude: 6.180767 | Longitude: 37.580115

*Spectacular landscape
*Blending in with local community
*Great hiking and trekking   possibilities
*Unique Dorze-style houses
*High quality weaving of cotton
*Nice temperate climate
*Free from malaria
*Reception opened 24/7